Riflessi della Laguna

The room “Riflessi della Laguna” is located at the first floor and ‘its size is 17 square meters, has a sitting room entrance of 7 square meters, plus a large bathroom of 10 sqm which leads onto the terrace room overlooking the pool and garden. It equipped with two single beds – 90 x 200 cm – with memory mattress and soft pillows or memory type, air conditioning and heating. On request the two beds can be joined to become a double bed. In the small room there is a sofa bed for 2 adults or 2 children. The room is suitable for 4 friends traveling together or for families with 1 or 2 children.
His name “Riflessi della Laguna” and ‘inspired by the view enjoyed observing the outside through the windows of the room where the sun’s rays are reflected on the leaves of the magnolia trees swaying in the air, they have the same reflections on the water that can be seen when sitting in a gondola swaying quietly in the middle of the lagoons of Venice.


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