Apartment located on the first floor on the left side of the villa. It has an area of approximately 70 square meters, with independent entrance.
The apartment is composed of a living area with sitting room and a fully equipped kitchen, from which you can have access to a large private terrace of about 60 square meters, with view on the pool and on the park. In the living room there is a french sofa bed for 2 people. The second is a large double bedroom with single bed, then a bedroom with 1 or 2 single beds which can also be turned into a double bed. Large bathroom with shower, memory mattresses.

Ideal for families or groups of 3 to 7 people.

The apartment take his name from some of the rooms of the Ducal Palace in San Marco, “Ducal Apartment”, composed of a series of rooms for the prince, overlooking Rio di Palazzo, and you can have access from the lobby at the end of the first ramp of the Scala d’Oro, on the left side.



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